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Jack Palfrey

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Road trippin' across the USA in 2018


I'm Jack, a Cardiff-based freelance writer working predominantly in the travel and environmental sectors.

As a writer, my goal is to seek out and bring to life entertaining and important stories from across the world, through in-depth research and first-hand interviews.

With my other hat, I specialise in editing, editorial project management and growing audiences for brands.

Scroll down to learn more about my experience, view examples of my work and find out how to contact me.


Approaching Everest base camp 2016

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From 2017-20 I worked as a Digital Editor at Lonely Planet, commissioning and editing content to grow the brand's online audience.

While at Lonely Planet I also served as Editorial Lead for two of the brand's annual, company-wide campaigns, Best in Asia and Best in Europe. 


Prior to this role, I spent a year travelling in Asia, producing articles for BBC Travel, Rough Guides and The Telegraph, as well as editing guide content for World Travel Guide.


As a result of some of these articles, I was shortlisted for Young Travel Writer of the Year at the Travel Media Awards 2018.

See more of my experience on my LinkedIn page.

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As a roaming writer, I tend to focus on off-beat, environmentally-tinged stories that have characters at their centre.

(click any image to be taken to the full piece)

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The Indian village addicted to
chess (BBC Travel)
Is this the world's most exclusive travel club? (BBC Travel)
The ancient professions of Old Delhi (Rough Guides)
Visiting the town that 'rains' fish (World Travel Guide)
What it's like living with man-eating tigers (BBC Travel)
A night in Azerbaijan's last commune (World Travel Guide)

When bound to an office desk, I take a creative approach to content production, blending structures that ensure high engagement with concepts that provide originality.

Real life treasure hunts around the world (Lonely Planet)
Talkin' trash: would you travel to pick up litter? (Lonely Planet)
A guide to Cardiff for rugby fans (Lonely Planet)
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I endeavour to supply my own images with story submissions. An example of some of my pictures can be seen below.

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I am currently open to both feature commissions and larger project work, as well as opportunities to work with brands to grow their online audience.

Please feel free to email me at:

Alternatively, connect with me on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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